Health & Nutrition Bars

As you formulate Health and Nutritional bars, sourcing the ingredients that fit your end goal is of extreme importance. Keystone designs the solution you need, in the format that best applies to the project. Keystone offer a versatile platform to achieve protein levels, limit sugar amounts and ultimately add the finishing touch of great taste to your finished concept.

In drop form Keystone can supply 1,000 count chips, 4,000 counts chips, and 10,000 count chips. Keystone also can provide inclusions in chunk form based on the size you need -- small or large, wide or narrow.

Keystone can design your coating to meet the viscosity needs of your application. Whether you are applying a drizzle, completely enrobing or simply bottom coating; Keystone has the right coating for you.

Our coatings are formulated using the highest quality ingredients and with the following in mind:

Our healthy lifestyle coatings feature:

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