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Health & Nutritional Bars

Keystone offers a wide range of innovative solutions that best fit your application. As you formulate health and nutritional bars, sourcing the ingredients that fit your end goal is of extreme importance. Keystone designs the solution you need, in the format that best applies to the project.

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Keystone can be formulated to achieve the bake stability you need. Whether you need a high-melt point or low-melt point solution, Keystone has the expertise in-house to formulate your solution.

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Keystone can formulate your ready-to use, soft-center filling. Our team has the experience required to formulate long shelf life, freeze thaw stable fillings that stand the test of time.

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Ice Cream

Keystone can help your team innovate new flavors for your ice cream! With our library of natural and artificial colors and flavors, the possibilities are endless when creating innovative concepts for the market.

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